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Visual Adventures Inspired by Chaos Theory by Alder Crocker

October 31, 2022 Host William Clarke, Co Host Don Wade Season 7 Episode 22
ScrambledEggs&Ham Podcast
Visual Adventures Inspired by Chaos Theory by Alder Crocker
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Show Notes

      I am a quadriplegic in an orange electric wheelchair, the result of a freak accident in May of 2018 where I broke my neck and instantly became 85% paralyzed. When I am not speeding around the house or the neighborhood, the second thing you realize is that while my shoulders and arms have range of motion, I have no movement in my fingers. Together, these non-traditional faculties define my unique techniques and style... as prior to my accident I hadn't painted since 3rd grade, when my bowl of fruit was referred to as "compost."

The next time I picked up a brush was during my rehabilitation, over 40 years later, where I had four (4) brief art therapy sessions to help improve muscle memory. And the darnedest thing happened... as soon as I had a brush in my hand, images and colors began to flood my consciousness... and quite miraculously, I was able to paint - the beneficiary of Acquired Savant Syndrome. The traumatic brain injury had somehow uncovered latent artistic ability.

Unaccustomed to the deep chasms of despair, loneliness and fear, I bullied myself into accepting nature’s randomness and immersed myself in the powers of color and light. The very act of painting, of holding a brush, squirt bottle or paint tube in my palms now gives me the undeniable value and purpose I could not find after the accident
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